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The New Zealand Physics Teachers’ Resource Bank provides suggestions, instructions and advice for teachers seeking to include more physics classroom demonstrations, experiments and activities for their students. The activities cover the National Curriculum (Physical World), relevant to students from intermediate school to university level. Many have a distinctly New Zealand flavour, local contexts, kiwi accents and many links to materials in Te Reo  as well as English.

LINKS TO THE VICTORIA UNIVERSITY AWHINA WEBSITE: NZ PTRB has many links to resources in Te Reo and English, in the VUW Awhina website. These resources are temporarily unavailable. We are working with VUW to restore the links as soon as possible.

Experienced teachers have kindly shared teaching suggestions, schemes and pedagogical content knowledge which directly support particular NCEA standards.

New Zealand physics teachers are also strongly recommended to affiliate their school to the New Zealand Institute of Physics Education Section.  Resources provided on the NZIPES Secure Website include practice examination papers (with assessment schedules) and assessment tasks appropriate for internally-assessed Achievement Standards.

The History of the Physics Teachers’ Resource Bank

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The resource bank is administered by the New Zealand Institute of Physics (NZIP).  Ongoing development is provided by New Zealand physics teachers through NZIP. It was originally developed by physics educators at the Victoria University of Wellington. Some of the resources posted on this website were developed as part of the Te Reo Maori Physics Project. Read more.


Individual teachers are responsible for safety in their own classes. Even familiar demonstrations should be practised and safety-checked by individual teachers before they are used in a classroom.