Teaching Suggestions by Curriculum Level

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Junior Science (NZ curriculum level 4-5)

Light, sound and waves
Forces and energy
Matter and heat

NCEA level 1 (NZ Curriculum level 6)

Science 1.4., AS90943
Investigate implications of heat for everyday life
4 credits  Internal

NCEA level 2 (NZ Curriculum level 7)

Physics 2.1, AS91168
Carry out a practical physics investigation that leads to a non-linear mathematical relationship.
4 credits  Internal

Physics 2.2, AS91169
Demonstrate understanding of physics relevant to a selected context.
3 credits  Internal

Physics 2.3 AS91170
Demonstrate understanding of waves.
4 credits           External

Physics 2.4, AS91171       
Demonstrate understanding of mechanics.
6 credits           External

Physics 2.5 AS91172        2.5
Demonstrate understanding of atomic and nuclear physics.

3 credits           Internal

Physics 2.6 AS91173        2.6
Demonstrate understanding of electricity and electromagnetism.

6 credits           External


NCEA level 3 (NZ Curriculum level 8)

Physics 3.1 AS91521
Carry out a practical investigation to test a physics theory relating two variables in a non-linear relationship.

4 credits   Internal

Physics 3.2, AS91522
Demonstrate understanding of the application of physics to a selected context.

3 credits   Internal

Physics 3.3, AS91523 
Demonstrate understanding of wave systems.
4 credits External

Physics 3.4, AS91524
Demonstrate understanding of mechanical systems.
6 credits External

Physics 3.5, AS91525 
Demonstrate understanding of Modern Physics.

3 credits   Internal

Physics 3.6, AS91526 
Demonstrate understanding of electrical systems.

6 credits External

Physics 3.7, AS91527
Use physics knowledge to develop an informed response to a socio-scientific issue.

3 credits  Internal

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