Detailed Instructions


Transmission and Absorption
Note the needle on the detector. Microwaves are indeed traveling from source to detector .
Again note the needle. A hand absorbs the microwaves. A wad of dry paper towels is transparent to microwaves, but a wad of wet paper towels is not.


Microwaves reflect off the copper plate as seen on the detector.
With the copper plate removed, no reflected microwaves are seen.


Standing Waves
StandingWave The probe detector is moved back and forth to find nodes and antinodes. See photos below. With proper placement and alignment of the copper plate and slow movement of the detector, the signal ratio between antinodes and nodes can be convincing.

Near an antinode
Near an antinode

Near a node
Near a node
MeasuringWavelength The wavelength is measured using the distance between antinodes or nodes.Note the wavelength is twice the distance between adjacent antinodes or nodes.


Double-slit interference