Teaching Suggestions by Curriculum Level

Many of these resources are actually useful at a wide range of levels. Some would be useful from age 10 and upwards, depending on how the material surrounding the resource is presented. We list only a target level at which the resources in its presented form works well. Many teachers will find the resources useful in a wide range of circumstances.

Most High school students in New Zealand study for the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). Study of material at NCEA level 1 is typically undertaken at age 15-16, level 2 at age 16-17, and level 3 at age 17-18.

For more information about Physics and the Physical World strand of the New Zealand Curriculum see NZC Online. For information about the  National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) consult the Physics subject resources pages produced by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). Physics is also assessed within Science subject resources at NCEA level 1.

Below are various links to material developed so far relating to various pedagogical approaches to the delivery of the curriculum.

Junior Science (NZ curriculum level 4-5)

Light, sound and waves
Forces and energy
Matter and heat

Practical Work – Simon Taylor’s videos

Simon Taylor is a Science Facilitator and lectures for both Auckland and Waikato Universities.

Rethinking Science Practicals “Water in a Jar”- Dr Simon Taylor (5:29)  In this video Simon gives some ideas for teachers about how to turn a simple demonstration into a meaningful class activity.  Using a card to ‘hold’ water in an inverted glass of water, Simon makes some suggestions for class discussions and the importance of investigating different variables.

NCEA level 1 (NZ Curriculum level 6)

Science 1.4., AS90943
Investigate implications of heat for everyday life
4 credits  Internal

NCEA level 2 (NZ Curriculum level 7)

Physics 2.1, AS91168
Carry out a practical physics investigation that leads to a non-linear mathematical relationship.
4 credits  Internal

Physics 2.2, AS91169
Demonstrate understanding of physics relevant to a selected context.
3 credits  Internal

Physics 2.3 AS91170
Demonstrate understanding of waves.
4 credits           External

Physics 2.4, AS91171       
Demonstrate understanding of mechanics.
6 credits           External

Physics 2.5 AS91172        2.5
Demonstrate understanding of atomic and nuclear physics.

3 credits           Internal

Physics 2.6 AS91173        2.6
Demonstrate understanding of electricity and electromagnetism.

6 credits           External

NCEA level 3 (NZ Curriculum level 8)

Physics 3.1 AS91521
Carry out a practical investigation to test a physics theory relating two variables in a non-linear relationship.

4 credits   Internal

Physics 3.2, AS91522
Demonstrate understanding of the application of physics to a selected context.

3 credits   Internal

Physics 3.3, AS91523 
Demonstrate understanding of wave systems.
4 credits External

Physics 3.4, AS91524 
Demonstrate understanding of mechanical systems.

6 credits External

Physics 3.5, AS91525 
Demonstrate understanding of Modern Physics.

3 credits   Internal

Physics 3.6, AS91526 
Demonstrate understanding of electrical systems.

6 credits External

Physics 3.7, AS91527
Use physics knowledge to develop an informed response to a socio-scientific issue.

3 credits  Internal

NZ Scholarship.