Fluids & Thermal Physics

Heat and Temperature

How to demonstrate convection  Alom Shaha video which shows how to set up visible convection currents using a plastic fish tank,  a couple of old herb-sprinkler containers and food dye.

Multimedia Resources on the Awhina website:

Floating Ball | Pōro Rewa
A ball is suspended in an upward jet of air.

Ball and Funnel | Pōro me te Ipuroa Wahanui (Bernoulli)
A ball is supported and trapped in the air flow in an upside down funnel.

Bernoulli Plates | Ngā Perēti a Bernoulli
Air blows out between two plates, but the plates attract!

Cold as Neptune | Pēnā i te Mātao o Tangaroa
Pumping on liquid nitrogen causes it to freeze.

Cooling by Boiling | Te Whakamātao Mā te Paera
Water in a vacuum jar boils even though it is below room temperature. As the pumping proceeds, the water cools.

Cold Sweat | Werawera Mātao
Evaporating liquids remove thermal energy. Sweating uses this physics to cool the body.

Cold Boil | Hū Mātao
A syringe is used to make water boil near room temperature.

Frozen Solid | Totoka Hohoro
The behaviour of liquid nitrogen and objects cooled in liquid nitrogen.

Other Resources:

Cold, Colder, Coldest
Ice water glows strongly on an infrared thermal camera compared to nearby dry ice and liquid nitrogen.

Bernoulli Tubes
The height of the fluids in the tubes indicates that pressure is highest where the fluid is moving fastest.

Model Stirling Engine
A model Stirling engine is used to demonstrate energy transformations and heat engines.

A Wire Glows Under Water
A wire glows orange while submerged in water.

Archimedes’ Principle
The buoyant force on a submerged block is measured along with the force applied by the block on the liquid.

Rock the Boat
A person sits in a boat on a pond holding a rock. If she throws the rock in the water, does the level of the pond go up, stay the same, or drop?

Flow Pressure
The force applied to a plate and bowl by an airflow are compared. This can be seen as analogous to inelastic and elastic collisions.