Hand Generator


Hand generator
Hand generator

Use a hand cranked generator to light a small light bulb.



Principles Illustrated

Generation of electricity by moving a magnet near coils.

NCEA & Science Curriculum

PHYS 2.6, PHYS 3.6


An older commercial apparatus.
An older commercial apparatus.

Spin the crank pretty fast to light the bulb. This one is designed to illustrate operation rather than produce electricity efficiently.

Making a generator:
One can make a hand-cranked generator using an old battery-powered drill. We have made a handle in our shop. If someone can come up with a simple and inexpensive way to make a handle, please let us know.


If you make your own generator or purchase one make SURE that it cannot generator dangerous voltages.

Individual teachers are responsible for safety in their own classes. Even familiar demonstrations should be practised and safety-checked by individual teachers before they are used in a classroom.

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