Levitating Magnet


A magnet floats above a superconductor.



Principles Illustrated

Meissner Effect (expulsion of magnetic field by a superconductor).


Probably this will be at most 20 hours of work in total.

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NCEA & Science Curriculum

PHYS 3.6


Cool a superconducting disk with liquid nitrogen and lower the magnet over the superconductor. Alternatively, put the magnet on top of the warm superconductor and cool. The magnet will pop up.


If you are not trained to use liquid nitrogen and confident with it, contact a university physics or chemistry department for help. Wear liquid nitrogen safety gear, particularly goggles, and use plastic forceps to handle the magnet. Only a few ml of liquid nitrogen are needed to cool the superconductor.

Individual teachers are responsible for safety in their own classes. Even familiar demonstrations should be practised and safety-checked by individual teachers before they are used in a classroom.

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Our superconductor was made in a research lab, but similar materials and instructions can be obtained commercially.


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