Tuning Fork Beats


A lump of Blu-Tack changes the frequency of a tuning fork
A lump of Blu-Tack changes the
frequency of a tuning fork

Two tuning forks with slightly different frequencies give beats.



Principles Illustrated

The addition of a small lump of Blu-Tack to a tuning fork changes its frequency. When struck along with a matching fork that has no Blu-Tack, beats result.

NCEA & Science Curriculum

PHYS 3.3, PHYS 3.4


The forks in the photo above nominally produce 256 Hz. The addition of the Blu-Tack results in beats at a few Hz. You can adjust the increase the beat frequency by adding a larger lump of Blu-Tack. The forks have to be held near the head.


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Related to PIRA 3B60.10


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