Newton’s Cradle


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Suspended balls transfer momentum from one to the next.



Principles Illustrated

Conservation of momentum and energy, collisions, impulse.

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NCEA & Science Curriculum

PHYS 2.4


Wait until the balls have stopped moving, displace one end ball and release. Displace two balls and release, etc. Quite interesting behaviour results that can be explained in terms of the need to conserve both momentum and energy. For example, one ball in and two out at half the speed would conserve momentum but not kinetic energy. A number of possible solutions for swinging one ball would conserve momentum, and a number would conserve kinetic energy. But not both.

Try swinging two balls at once, or three. Or two from one side and three from the other simultaneously. Or try a small bit of Blu-Tack to stick two of the balls together. What effect does that have?


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