Experimental Setup




  1. Attach the end-stop bracket to the track around the 110 cm mark.
  2. Attach the superpulley to the end of the track.
  3. Attach the photogate on its bracket and adjust so that when the pulley turns, the spokes of the pulley cut the photogate beam.
  4. Plug the photogate plug into Channel 1 socket on the Smart Timer.
  5. The track must be adjusted to compensate for friction. Set the cart on the track. Adjust the leveling screw at the end of the track to raise that end. If the cart stays at rest when placed on the track, and moves down the track with a low steady speed after a gentle push, then the friction compensation is correct.Take care with this as small changes in the slope have noticeable effects on the accelerations.
  • Smart Timer
  • Photogate and bracket
  • SuperPulley
  • Cart and four 0.5 kg masses
  • Cart Track
  • Mass Hanger
  • Triple-Beam Balance